We are often asked to make multiple trips on the day, this is never a problem. However timings, passenger numbers or routes don't always allow for this so booking multiple cars may be a better fit.  We offer discounts on second and third car bookings, have a fleet of Phantoms, add the Mercedes S500 , the 7 seat Landrover Defender 110 or maybe the Ferrari 488 Spider 

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This is your dream day and your photographer will want to capture as much of it as they can. Make sure you tell them about your car, your journey to the ceremony and what you want to do after. The driver will be there for you, they will make sure your car looks great at all times.

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The Rolls Royce phantom is the definitive wedding car. Standing in a class of its own the Phantom leads the way in luxury wedding transport 

The Windsor Carriage Company have three stunning examples for you to choose from.

One Black, One White and the latest addition, the Phantom Drophead.


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Our Rolls Royce phantoms will seat up to 4 passengers. Booking one as your No1 car gives you the ultimate space in which to reflect and compose yourself moments before a new chapter begins.  

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a car of vast proportions, leg room is never an issue and will easily accommodate the largest of gowns.

Viewings by appointment only


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The Windsor Carriage Company never rush the process and we never rush your day. 

We arrive early so you can relax, we pop in and say hello, we wait and when you are happy, we set off, we take it easy, as we drive you will feel like you are floating on air. 

With the Windsor Carriage Company at your service, YOU arrive ready.


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