Ladies and Gentlemen The Windsor Carriage Company proudly present a 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider, this 660hp super car is not for the faint of heart, she is brutal... yet beautifully refined when held on a tight leash.... let her go and you'd better be ready.

This is the only 448 in Devon and the only 488 you can hire for your wedding, infact these are so rare, I doudt you will find another. 

If you would like to hire this car on your weddinng day you can, we drive the car NOT YOU, sorry but at way over £250,000 we would rather be in the driving seat. Saying that we deliver as supercar ecperience, a drive you will never forget, you may want to bring your go-pro.... 

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The Car

This is the 2018 FERRARI 488 SPIDER. 

The hard top slips away with the flick of a switch giving you a seriously stunning open top supercar. The 448 at the time of the photo shoot (23/07/2018)  had 180 miles on the clock, its new... very new.

660hp of Ferrari power is there for the taking, driven as an automatic this 448 can pootle along with the softest purr, open her up and she delivers a thrill like nothing else. Use the carbon fibre paddle shift in race mode and you will be left wounding if your bones are still attached to your body let alone if you are ever going to stop smiling... she is beautifully brutal.

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Your Collection

We are happy to collect your from home or where ever you are staying (as long as the car can get to you) we arrive early and insist you take all the photos you like. 

When you are ready we will take you off on a drive, a real supercar experience. Lets go the long way round, know of any nice sweeping rights in your neck of the woods? Make sure you chat to us about the drive, lets not rush it.... 

Your photographer also needs to know how you are arriving so they can capture the moment for you, we are also happy for you to rig up a Go-Pro using a window suction holder. 

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The Journey


We DO NOT offer this £260,000+ Ferrari 488 Spider on a self drive basis. WE drive the car with YOU as the passenger.

The 488 takes one passenger at a time, however if timings allow we could look into multiple runs. This car is ideal for the groom, a treat for the Father, Mother, Gran or Grandad. 

As with a bridal car we can stay around so everyone gets to enjoy the spectacle after the ceremony, take phots and pop the other half in the seat next to you.... enjoy it and make if part of your day.

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If you want #THEGROOM there on time, you had better book the 488